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Use this form to describe yourself. Many variations in shapes and sizes are welcome. Not all modeling is “glamour,” models are used in character situations to show moods, intentions, etc. IF you have any digital photos of yourself a snapshot of you full-length would be welcome. Email it to: scott@photographybyscott.biz.

ALL modeling work requires a signed release. If underage, a parent or guardian must sign for you.

Information you provide here is for private use by me only. Information is never loaned, rented or sold to any third party.

Your First, Middle and last Name: Your street address: City: State: ZIP: Phone: Your EMail address: I am: Female Male My birthdate is: My age today is: MY STATS ARE: Height: Weight: Ethnicity: Marital Status: Chest size (and cup if female): Waist size: Hip size: If you have any tattoos, please describe and ID location here (otherwise, leave blank): If you have any scars, blemishes or marks, describe here (otherwise, leave blank): Check types of modeling you could consider doing: Standard/stock Clothing/runway “Cheesecake”/”beefcake” Semi-nude/artistic Nude/artistic Acting in video production